Primary Viva Weekend

Course Overview
Number of Places:
5th - 7th January 2018  
Location: Education Centre, Whiston Hospital, Liverpool  
Time: 14.00 Friday – 16.00 Sunday
Courtesies Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Refreshments – Car Parking
Course Fee: £250
Cheque Payable to: MSA
Cheque Dated: 05/01/2018
Reference on Application: P Viva W/E 0118

The advice to Trainees is that they should attend this Course only when they consider themselves
Adequately Prepared for the imminent OSCE Examination.

The MSA Courses are not designed to Teach. Please do not come expecting to be Taught.
The Courses are for Exam Preparation;
- Exposure to Exam Style Questions
- Opportunities to Practice
- Learn & Fine Tune Exam Techniques

The MSA’s emphatic advice regarding
All the FRCA Examinations
is that trainees should only sit these examinations when they feel that they
Deserve to Pass.
It has to be courting Disappointment to enter for an exam
Hoping to Pass.


Master Class in Viva Technique & RCA Marking Mechanisms


  • 30 Minutes Vivas in Pharmacology & Physiology
  • 30 Minute Vivas in Clinical & Physics/Measurement/Equipment


  • Review of Physiology Viva Booklets
  • Review of Pharmacology Viva Booklets
  • Review of PME Viva Booklets
  • Review of Clinical Viva Booklets


  • Large Laminated Display of Primary Viva Fodder
  • Long Hours & Hard Work But Enjoyable & Beneficial
  • Note: This course is NOT a course in Viva Revision.
    It is a course to prepare candidates for the Viva Experience and for improving Viva Technique and Presentation.

To apply, please follow the ‘Application Form’ link below