Mersey Trainees

CT1/2 & ST3/4

Courses Provided by the MSA


CT 1 & 2

Package ‘Top Sliced’ Courses – Subsidised by Mersey Deanery & MSA
Primary SBA & MCQ Course
Primary OSCE/Orals Course

Primary MCQ/SBA Course*                      Repeater Fee £0* [Subsidised by MSA]
OSCE Weekend*                                     £0* [Subsidised by MSA]
Primary Viva Weekend*                           £0* [Subsidised by MSA]

Access to Primary FRCA Exam Materials*           £0*

Under the ethos of the Quid Pro Quo, Mersey Trainees are admitted to these Courses Free of Charge if they have already attended an Primary MCQSBA Course/ OSCE Orals Course and provided the MSA with Exam Feedback. 

ST 3 & 4

Package ‘Top Sliced’ Courses  - Subsidised by Mersey Deanery & MSA
Final Written ‘Booker’ Course
Final SBA & MCQ Course

Final SAQ Weekend Course*                           £0* [Subsidised by MSA]
Final Viva Revision Course*                            £0* [Subsidised by MSA]
Final Viva Weekend Course*                           £0* [Subsidised by MSA]

Access to Final FRCA Exam Materials*           £0*

Under the ethos of the Quid Pro Quo, Mersey Trainees admitted to these Courses Free of Charge. 
MSA Faculty Members are also welcome to the MSA Office (with at least one other) as and when to go through FRCA Exam Fodder at times when suitable with both parties.


Final Viva Revision Course
Staged approximately a month before the Final SOE Examination alerting Candidates to the Viva Topics that might appear in London plus the manner and form in which they might appear, this often as an alarming surprise. Thus, the course exposes gaps/weaknesses while allowing a few weeks ahead to address & repair same. A persistent theme in the feedback from candidates is the assertion that the course fosters a far greater amount and degree of revision than could be managed when working alone or intermittently elsewhere.
Mersey Trainees preparing for the imminent Final SOE Examination may attend this Course Free of Charge but will need to sort out the matter of leave with their respective departments or Deanery.

Final Viva Weekend Course
Mersey Trainees preparing for the SOEs is invited to attend this course as a Reservist. Reservists attend Free of Charge.
The Viva Weekend Courses are structured to accommodate an even multiple of three candidates and the Reservists are used to complete the numbers as necessary.
If they are not included in any particular round of Vivas, the Reservists have the opportunity to study that round’s course material, to play ‘viva’ games with them and to benefit from the revision.
Every Reservists will get some exposure to the stress and strain of viva practice under examination conditions.
To date, the Reservists have been pleased with the arrangement.
However, in the past, one or two Mersey Trainees have preferred to pay the Full Course Fee (£275) rather than be a Reservist.
Any Mersey Deanery anaesthetist preferring to attend the course as a substantive candidate rather than as a Reservist is advised to make the application as per normal via the Application Form downloaded from the Website.
However, attendance at the Course will not be considered as being under the aegis of Study Leave Funding and there will be no reimbursement of the Course Fee from the Deanery.

Advice regarding MSA Courses for Mersey Trainees

Primary Candidates should attend the Primary MCQ Course only when they have committed themselves to the Examination and they should attend the course as near to the exam as possible.

Primary Candidates, having been successful in the MCQ, should decide which OSCE/Orals Course they want to attend and apply accordingly as early as possible. Places are limited on this course.

Final Candidates should contact Kirstie regarding MAFIT 2 attendance when they have decided to commit themselves to the Final Written Examination.

Final Candidates should attend the Final (Booker) Course & the SBA/MCQ Course which is staged before the Final Written Papers which they intend to sit. They should apply for the course as soon as they have decided when they are going to sit the exam. Places on the Booker Course are limited, the course is always heavily over-subscribed and, as much as we might want to, we cannot accommodate late applicants from Mersey Deanery Candidates.

Final Candidates are strongly urged to attend the Final SAQ Weekend Course if they can engineer the time off work. Study Leave Funding is not approved for these Courses. There is no Course Fee for such Candidates. Attendance is subsidised by the MSA

Final Candidates are strongly urged to  attend the Final Viva Revision & Viva Weekend Course (as Reservists) if they can engineer the time off work. Study Leave Funding is not approved for these Courses. There is no Course Fee for such Candidates. Attendance is subsidised by the MSA.  Both Courses has proved to be of immeasurable value to those who have gone before.

Last Word

You should not think of sitting either the Primary or Final Examination until you feel that you deserve to pass. You must not go into these exams simply hoping luck will be on your side and that thus you might pass. The chances are that you would be wrong.


Updated: March 2018, K Gray