Deanery Information

The Mersey School of Anaesthesia (MSA) is a separate entity from Mersey Deanery, which incorporates the Mersey Deanery School of Anaesthesia (MDSA)

The MSA is a charitable organisation whose primary aim is to provide courses to prepare trainees in Anaesthesia for the examinations of the Fallowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists (FRCA).

Mersey Deanery is a non-statutory organisation which is responsible for supervising postgraduate medical training in Merseyside Cheshire and the Isle of Man, as part of NHS North West, under the supervision of the Postgraduate Medical Dean, Professor David Graham.

The section of Mersey Deanery responsible for recruiting and supervising trainees in Anaesthesia is known as the Mersey Deanery School of Anaesthesia, or MDSA, run by the Head of School Dr. Ann Holden.

Since October 2011, as a consequence of ‘Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHS’, the Deanery as part of the former NHS North West comes under NHS North of England as the current statutory body. From April 2013, the Deanery will be part of a Local Education and Training Board under Health Education England; a Special Health Authority accountable to the Secretary of State for Health.

¹ Source: ONS

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