Final Booker (Written) Course – Applications Suspended until June 2020

Course Overview
Number of Places:
23rd - 27th August 2020  
Location: Liverpool Medical Institution  
Time: 12.00 Sunday - 18:00 Thursday
Courtesies Included: Lunch – Refreshments
Course Fee: £525
Reference on Application: Booker 0820

Because of the popularity and intensity of the course, you are only permitted to attend the course once and, must not attend should you not be sitting the Final FRCA Written Examination imminently.

Consultant Leads
Dr Beth Perritt
Dr Carol Kenyon
Dr Sianedd Elliott
Dr Joe Hobson
Dr Tim Furniss

– originally as advised by the late Dr Peter Booker following his retirement as a Consultant Anaesthetist and long-serving RCA Examiner. It has been rightly decided that the course will continue with the eponymous title ‘The Booker Course’ as a token of respect and appreciation.

The Course Opens on the Sunday 12.00 and Closes on Thursday at 18:00
The days are long (08.00 – 18.00) and exhausting as no time is wasted.
You must be able to attend the whole of the Course 

You will do CRQ* Papers in the morning & you will mark each others CRQ* Papers.
In the afternoons there are series of lectures on specific topics eg; ITU, Paeds, Obstetrics, Anatomy etc.
The CRQ* Review will go over the key points from the morning CRQ* Paper.
Please see an example of the Timetable HERE

*The Faculty will endeavour to reflect the new format that the September 2020 Paper will take by including CRQs in the Programme. However, please appreciate that this is a transition period and there may be ‘teething issues’ whilst we gather more intelligence on the format and content. We will welcome all feedback and suggestions throughout and at the end of the Course.

The Course is held twice a year, 2-3 weeks before the Examination.
The advice to Trainees is that they should attend this Course only when they consider themselves Adequately Prepared for the Imminent Examination.
None of our Courses are designed to teach; they are Exam Preparation Courses.
Candidates should come ‘exam ready’. This is the one course that has an element of didactic input, however, this does not mean that you should rely on the Course to teach you all you need to know for the Exam.
Trainees must not use this Course as a first Step in Revision, they must confirm that they are registered to the imminent sitting of the Examination.

The MSA’s emphatic advice regarding all the FRCA Examinations is that Trainees should only sit these examinations when they feel that they Deserve to Pass.
It has to be courting Disappointment to enter for an exam Hoping to Pass

Please read the following important information regarding the process HERE
Please follow the Application Link Below

Please Note: The Liverpool Medical Institution is in the City of Liverpool.
A list of accommodation used by past candidates on courses at the LMI can be seen here.

Please Note: We do NOT provide Parking for this Course. The Course is held in the middle of Liverpool City Centre.
The advice is that Candidates should leave their cars wherever they are staying and use Public Transport to/from the Course Venue.
Should you wish to drive to/from the venue, please find a map of nearby Car Parks HERE – make sure you note the opening and closing times of each Car Park, plus the charges for each day.