Final Viva Weekend

Course Overview
Number of Places:
23rd - 25th November 2018  
Location: Education Centre, Whiston Hospital, Liverpool  
Time: 13.00 Friday - 16.30 Sunday
Courtesies Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Refreshments – Car Parking
Course Fee: £275
Cheque Payable to: MSA
Cheque Dated: 23/11/2018
Reference on Application: F Viva W/E 1018


We are aware of the impending changes to the structure of the Final FRCA SOE Examination from December 2018 and we plan to make adjustments to the format of our Final Viva Courses, particularly the Final Viva Practice Weekend.

 As the new format of the exam has not yet been put into practice we currently have little intelligence of the new Long Case & Short Case-Science Questions. As we gather Feedbacks from Candidates we can make any necessary adjustments to better reflect the structure of the Questions down at the College.

 However, Candidates should appreciate that all material & content that they will encounter during their time spent on the Courses will still be pertinent to their Final FRCA Preparation as the syllabus will remain unchanged.

Master Class in Viva Technique & RCA Marking Mechanisms

This is a course of strict SOE Practice under as near Examination Conditions as can be mustered.
It follows the Magic Roundabout formula as used in the Primary OSCE/Orals Course & Primary Viva Weekend.
It works and delivers a Pass Rate comfortably above the College figures as published.

  • Vivas in:
  • Long Cases
  • Short Cases
  • Clinical Sciences (Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology & Physics)


  • Revision & Review – All Viva Booklets
  • Large Laminated Display of Final Viva Fodder

All SOEs as per RCA and under Examination Conditions
Long Hours & Hard Work But Enjoyable & Beneficial

You will not be allowed to Arrive Late or Leave Early from this Course

Proposed Timings for the Weekend:
Course Registration: 12pm
Course Start: 1pm
Close: 8pm

Access to Centre/Breakfast: 7am
Start: 8am
Close: 8pm

Access to Centre/Breakfast: 7am
Start: 8am
Close: 4.30pm

This Course is NOT a course in Viva Revision.
It is a Course to prepare candidates for the Viva Experience and for improving Viva Technique and Presentation.
The Course for Viva Exposure & Revision is The 
Final Viva Revision Course (20th – 25th October 2018)

This course is very popular and the MSA is flooded with applications following the posting of the results of the Final Written Examination.
Trainees are advised to apply and obtain any required Study Leave as soon as possible on the understanding that it is always easier to withdraw early than to apply late.

**Course Fee Offers & Discounts**
Should you wish to attend both the Final Viva Revision Course & the Final Viva Practice Weekend you can do so for a discount of 10%.
The fee for attending both courses is £540.
You will pay £325 at Registration for the Final Viva Revision Course – the remaining fee will be taken at the Final Viva Weekend