Primary OSCE/Orals Course – WAITING LIST

Course Overview
Number of Places:
Limited to 48 Places + 4 Observer Places  
Friday 17th – Friday 24th January 2020  
Location: Education Centre, Whiston Hospital, Liverpool  
Time: 13:00 Friday – 16:30 Friday
Courtesies Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Refreshments – Car Parking
Course Fee: £600


This Course is for candidates sitting both components of the Imminent Examination.

Thus, we will not be taking applications from those sitting only one component of the Examination.
If you are only sitting one component of the Examination, it is recommended that you consider either the
OSCE or Viva Weekend Course


The advice to Trainees is that they should attend this Course only when they consider themselves
Adequately Prepared for the imminent OSCE/SOE Examination.

The MSA Courses are not designed to Teach.
Please do not come expecting to be Taught.
Come expecting to Learn.

The Courses are for Exam Preparation;

– Exposure to Exam Style Questions
– Opportunities to Practice
– Learn & Fine Tune Exam Techniques

The MSA’s emphatic advice regarding
All the FRCA Examinations
is that trainees should only sit these examinations when they feel that they
Deserve to Pass.
It has to be courting Disappointment to enter for an exam
Hoping to Pass.

Applicants will be given Preparatory Homework for this Course which they must complete prior to attending.
All Candidates will sit an Opening Paper at the start of the Course to determine Grouping.
This Opening Paper is based on the Homework.


You must have the Leave to attend the Whole of this Course (13.00 Friday –> 16.30 Friday)
We cannot accommodate late arrivals so please arrange travel accordingly.
You will not be allowed to leave Early
You will not be allowed to come/go from the Course at your own leisure
If you have far to drive at the end of the Course, please consider an extra night stay at your hotel to avoid fatigue

Base of Skull/Larynx Anatomy
Resus Guidelines Quickfire & The Sim Man
Clinical Skills OSCE
Communication & History Taking Skills
Clinical Examination OSCE
Machine Check & Equipment Quickfire
Anatomy OSCE
Practice 12 Station OSCE with Model Patients
Viva Technique & Viva Practice +++

OSCE & Viva Groupwork based on Extensive Exam Intelligence

OSCE & Viva Mock Examinations in a formal setting with Mock Patients & Examiners

A Note on Group Work:
It is advised that you reconsider your application to this course should you not be willing to work efficiently and in harmony within a Group Environment.
This is not a course for Individual Revision/Private Study.
The MSA strongly believes that the Group Work aspect of our Courses, if undertaken correctly, is a strong contributor to their success.
It is unfair to those members of a Group who are willing to ‘Play the Game’ if there are individuals who refuse to engage within their Group
Anyone who comes to this Course wanting to work as an individual will be asked to leave and one of the Observers will be substituted into their respective place.


Course Consultant Leads & Associate MSA Directors: Dr. Tushar Dixit & Dr Catherine Gerrard
Head of Faculty: 
Dr Tom Miller – Dr Luke Winslow
Operations Manager: Kirstie Gray


If you would like to apply for this course please email an Application Form to:

Please also read the Procedures & Protocols for applications to this course HERE

Note: Any trainee who shows up on the day of the course without having officially secured their place will be sent away.