Primary SBA & MCQ Course – CANCELLED: Please see ‘More Details’ for Notice

Course Overview
Number of Places:
9th - 15th October 2020  
Location: Education Centre, Whiston Hospital, Liverpool  
Time: 11.00 Friday - 16.30 Thursday
Courtesies Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Refreshments – Car Parking
Course Fee: £450
Cheque Payable to: MSA
Cheque Dated: 09/10/2020
Reference on Application: P SBA&MCQ 1020

MSA Covid-19 Update – July 2020

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The Course is only available to Candidates who are on the threshold of the November Primary FRCA  Examination.
It is pointless and wasteful of time, effort & money to come to this course unless intending to sit the Examination imminently and thus with having done sufficient work in preparation for the exam.
It should not be considered as a First Step in Revision or Preparation. 

The Course
Intensive Course of SBA & MCQ Analysis Group Work
Long Days – 12 hours a day – Evening Close 20.00
Hard Work – Casual Manner & Dress – Great Spirit
Camaraderie Galore – You should not come to this Course if you are not willing to work in a Group Environment

It is not a course of SBA & MCQ Practice.
It is not a course of SBA & MCQ Question Spotting or Question Memorising
All this can be done at home.

It is a Course of Question Analysis & Group Discussion.
It is important that trainees understand:
The course has no didactic input
Trainees should not come to the course expecting to be taught
Trainees should come to the course expecting to learn
As indeed they will.

A Note on Group Work:
It is advised that you reconsider your application to this course should you not be willing to work efficiently and in harmony within a Group Environment.
This is not a course for Individual Revision/Private Study.
The MSA strongly believes that the Group Work aspect of our Courses, if undertaken correctly, is a strong contributor to their success.
It is unfair to those members of a Group who are willing to ‘Play the Game’ if there are individuals who refuse to engage within their Group.
Anyone who comes to this course wanting to work as an individual will be asked to leave.

Course Menu of MCQ & SBA Booklets
Mixed SBA and MCQ Papers
Physics Measurement Equipment
Physiology & Pharmacology

Please Note;
A common misunderstanding amongst the Trainee Constituency is that you will be exposed to the RCOA Bank of Questions on this Course. We need to make it clear, before application, that we do not have RCA Questions and you must not come expecting to be exposed to RCA Questions. The best we can do is expose you to Topics and Themes similar to those in the Exam in order to engender Group Discussion and Debate around those same Topics and Themes.

Re-Attending this Course
We do not think it is the best use of time or money to re-attend our Courses as much of the Material will be the same as you were exposed to previously.
We would not want re-attending Candidates to leave feeling that they have not gained full benefit from their time and their money.
Therefore, we do not advocate it.
We may make exceptions for re-attending this Course but you MUST let us know that you have attended before.
Due to the Group Work aspect of the Course, we will have to organise you with others who have been through it before as well to avoid upsetting any Group Dynamics.

Associate MSA Directors: Dr David Gray, Dr Tushar Dixit & Dr Catherine Gerrard
Consultant Course Lead: Dr David Mayhew
Head of Faculty: 
Dr James Master
Oct Course Lead: TBC

Chief Operating Officer
: Kirstie Gray
Administrator: Nicky Loftus