Final SAQ Weekend Course

Course Overview
Number of Places:
23rd - 25th August 2019  
Location: Education Centre, Whiston Hospital, Liverpool  
Time: 14.00 Friday - 16.00 Sunday
Courtesies Included: Breakfast – Lunch – Refreshments – Car Parking
Course Fee: £250
Cheque Payable to: MSA
Cheque Dated: 23/08/2019
Reference on Application: SAQ 0819

Note to SAQ Writers Club Members: There is no need to apply. The Writers Club admin will send you a form to fill out your intentions in June/July

The Course

Learn & Practice The Mersey Method of coping with the SAQ Paper*

Master Classes in Style & Technique
Time Management & Discipline

Hot Topic Article Exercise

Master Class on The Mersey Method for the SAQ*
Mersey Method Trial & Training

Five Minute Exercises & Question Papers under Examination Conditions

SAQ Answers – Group Analysis & Revision

Through the Course of the weekend you will have exposure to 80-90 Possible SAQ Hot Topics


*Introduction of CRQs into the Written Paper

You may or may have not read the following statements from past Chairman’s Reports on the SAQ Paper:

“Candidates continue to disadvantage themselves in a number of familiar ways;
– Failure to answer the question asked
– Poor weighting of answers/Not noting the distribution of marks
– Illegible handwriting
We encourage Candidates to present their answer in Bullet Point Format which will aid legibility and time management”

The aims of the SAQ Weekend Course have always been to help Candidates with the above and to guide their Technique and Timing when approaching the SAQs.

Whilst Candidates are always going to be apprehensive regarding any change to Exams, the CRQs are likely to eliminate most of those above problems and therefore will not need that same guidance in Technique and Timing.
You will see from the CRQ Examples on the RCOA Website, the Questioning Format is more direct and ultimately any Candidate’s result in these Questions will be down to that same Candidate’s level of preparation and knowledge rather than their Exam Technique – this will be more so the case when the RCOA transitions to a Computer Based Exam rather than Hand-Written.

In view of this, whilst SAQs continue to feature in the Written Examination, the SAQ Weekend Course will continue to solely focus on helping Candidates cope with the SAQ Part of the Examination.

On the Sunday Morning of the Course, we hope to give you a full practice of a 12 Question Exam Paper consisting of x6 SAQs and x6 CRQs. It is important that you understand that the aim of doing this will be to practice your technique & timing over the 3 hours, it will not be to test your knowledge of the subjects/topics.