Crammer SBA e-Club for Primary FRCA SBA November 2020 Exam

Course Overview
Number of Places:
23rd September - 10th November 2020  
Location: Comfort of your own Home!  
Course Fee: £150

With our upcoming Primary and Final MCQ Courses cancelled due to COVID-19, we wanted to design a way in which Trainees can still benefit from the MSA way of Learning.

We are confident that you will benefit from the exercise, even if it forces you into having to sit down and get the books out!

We have trialled it out and individuals found the exercise useful and managed to box off topics that they had felt apprehensive to tackle in their revision.

It is important to note that you will only get out of it what you put in.

The Aims

  • To ensure Reading & Understanding of select Topics from the Syllabus
  • To Identify Gaps in Knowledge & Learning
  • To Consolidate Learning by completing Weekly SBA Tests followed by Review & Guidance on Suggested Answers

What You Will Cover Over the Crammer Round 

The Round will take place in the 2 months prior to your Exam

In total, after the completion of the Crammer round, you will have:

  • Completed detailed Reading and Understanding of 24 Topics from the Syllabus in order to create SBA Questions and Explanations
  • Identified any gaps in Knowledge or Learning by using a Checklist of 240 carefully selected Topics pertinent to the Primary FRCA Exam
  • Consolidated learning by answering 6 SBA Papers, totalling a minimum of 120 original SBAs
  • Received Suggested Answers, Explanations, Recommended Reading and Breakdown of those same 120 SBAs

*The above is based on successfully meeting all Deadlines of the 7 Week Crammer Round.


The next Primary SBA Crammer Round for the November 2020 Exam
will start 23rd September

Please email [email protected] for further details about what the Course entails