Important Information Regarding the Application Process for the Booker Course

The Background

The Booker Course is always over-subscribed as, in order to afford the candidates exposure to all facets of the course, it has to be limited to 90 places.

Many trainees, appreciating this, apply for a place on the course early;

Before they have been granted the week of Study Leave.
Before deciding definitely that they will be sitting the examination.

For these reasons and for other less common but nevertheless valid reasons, there is always a significant cancellation or withdrawals as the course date approaches.

Such withdrawals in the past have caused the MSA much embarrassment.

In order to afford disappointed applicants the time and opportunity to apply elsewhere, once we had a full complement of applications for the 90 places, we would announce that the course was “closed”.

However, following that announcement, the withdrawals mentioned above would free-up places but, as we had no Waiting List and as no more applications would be coming in, we would be left with empty places on the course.

This meant that some of those on the course would return from the course reporting to colleagues and friends, particularly to those who had been told that the course was full, that there were empty places.

This would cause much upset and indignation together with criticism of the MSA on account of it seemingly poor administration.

The Remedy

Trainees are now asked to apply once they know that they intend to attend the Booker Course.

In return, they are advised as to whether their name is on either the provisional Course List or the provisional Waiting List.

Once we have a substantial Waiting List & once the RCOA open up Exam Applications we will be asking those on the Course List to secure their place by completing a form and sending it to us with payment confirming that:
– You are sitting the Imminent Examination
– You have the appropriate Leave Booked
– You accept your place on the Course List and agree for your payment to be cashed
– You agree that there will be no refund should you withdraw from the course and we are unable to fill the vacated place with an applicant from the Waiting List.

You will be given a deadline to get this back to us. This should then allow us to give the Waiting List a better idea of where they stand sooner rather than later.