The Mersey CRQ E-Club
for the
Final FRCA Written Examination

“In line with the recommendations of the 2015 exam review, and as approved by the GMC, constructed response questions (CRQs) will replace short answer questions (SAQs) as from September 2019. The first paper will be a hybrid with 6 CRQs and 6 SAQs, but papers from March 2020 onwards will consist entirely of CRQs” – RCOA Website

The Mersey CRQ E-Club

With the Introduction of Constructed Response Questions (CRQs) into the Final FRCA Written Examination we appreciate that opportunities to Prepare & Practice New Question Formats and Techniques are limited

The MSA is offering Final Trainees membership to our new CRQ E-Club

This will involve;
Drafting Questions/Answer Guidance from Hot Topic Articles
Anonymously Completing CRQ Questions under Timed Conditions
Anonymously Marking CRQ Answers for Fellow Members

Benefits Include;
Timed & Disciplined Practice
Acquisition of useful Answer Guidances from Other Members
Valuable Motivation towards Sustained Revision

Commitment & Discipline
Competencies in I.T. Features & Formatting

Apply early to gain full benefit from the Club

E-Club Membership Fee is £300

The next round will be due to start in October 2020 in preparation for the March 2021 Examination
Please register your interest by emailing: [email protected]

The MSA Final Written Motto: “Within the Discipline, Lies the Reward”

As per the previous SAQ Writers Club; It is important that would-be applicants appreciate that there is a huge demand on keeping to the strict procedures, protocols and disciplines of the Club to make it work for everyone involved.

Dr Tushar Dixit – Associate Director, MSA
Dr Nina Jain – Consultant Lead, Final Written Courses
Kirstie Gray & Dr Kristianne Jones – E-Club Co-ordinators

Updated: July 2020, K Gray