Viva The New Arrival

Last year I introduced the Final Viva Revision Course.

Essentially it is a Group Work Exercise in which the candidates study and analyse a large collection of Vivas approximately four or five weeks before the examination in London.

Such an exercise, besides being a learning process, also serves to expose gaps in knowledge and understanding such that the candidates return home with sufficient time to address and repair those gaps.

The possibility of introducing such a course prior to the Primary SOEs in London was discussed with the candidates on the recent (September 2012) Primary Viva Weekend Course and the consensus was almost unanimous that we should go ahead.

It was suggested that the course should be a 5 day course, and that a Course Fee of £300 would be reasonable.

However, I am prepared to refund the Course Fee to any candidate who feels that the first course, which is to be staged in early December, proves to be something of a waste of time and/or money. I am confident that that will not be the case.

Please see Primary Viva Revision Course for further Details and Application.