SAQ Writers Club for Final

The Mersey SAQ Writers Club Final FRCA Examinations

  • The Writers Club
  • Preparation & Practice
  • The Final FRCA Short Answer Question (SAQ) Paper
  • Members remain Members at no further charge until successful
  • Members are entitled to attend the SAQ Weekend Courses free of charge

The only requirements asked of members is Commitment and Discipline

March 2019 Examination

If you are sitting the March 2019 Examination, you should consider joining the Club between now and October so as to reap the maximum benefit from the Club.

The More Practice the Better

Membership introduces you to the Subtleties & Intricacies of the SAQ Papers
As an anonymised number and not a name, you will be expected to address

One SAQ Paper (4 Questions) per Fortnight

You will also be expected to:

  • Set Questions
  • Design Answers
  • Mark Answers

Through such intimate involvement with the challenge:

  • You will become that much more able to cope
  • Plus – You will benefit from the revision
  • Plus – You will acquire a collection of structured Answer Sheets designed by your fellow Members

The One-Off Writers Club Membership Fee is £400

If you are interested in joining the Writers Club then please email on:

“In the Discipline Lies the Reward”


Since inception in 2008, the Mersey Writers Club has seen more than 750  Trainees through the SAQ Papers with, a successful first-time pass rate in the SAQ of those who kept to the procedures, protocols and disciplines of the Club. It works.

Dr David Gray – Director, MSA
Dr Tushar Dixit – Associate Director, MSA
Dr Nina Jain – Consultant Lead, Final Written Courses
Kirstie Gray – Writers Club Coordinator
Updated: September 2018, K Gray