About Us…

The Mersey School of Anaesthesia (MSA) is principally concerned with preparing Trainee Anaesthetists facing their Primary & Final FRCA Examinations.

It is a Charitable Company (Company No. 7986504) registered with the Charity Commission (Reg. No. 1149165).

Income is invested back into the Courses that the MSA run and at the end of each Financial Year, any surplus income is donated to Research, Education and Patient Care charities, these mostly of an anaesthetic texture in the UK or used to support Volunteer Anaesthetists in various Charitable Ventures Abroad.

Overall, by the end of March 2017, the MSA has donated a total of approximately £780,000 to such concerns, all of it by reason of candidates’ subscriptions to our courses and classes allied to the full support of those Anaesthetists, Senior and Junior in the Mersey Deanery who contribute so willingly and generously to those Classes and Courses without expectation of recompense.

Its Motto & Objectives
The Motto of the MSA is “If you Feed the Children with a Spoon, they will never Learn how to Use the Chopsticks”

If you are a Trainee planning on attending MSA Courses, it is important that you must appreciate before you attend that the MSA never claim to provide teaching or distribute teaching materials on its Courses. You must not attend expecting to be taught.

The Courses are designed for Exam Preparation and include;
– Exposure to Exam Style Questions
– Opportunities to Practice
– Learn & Fine Tune Exam Techniques

The advice to Trainees is that they should attend MSA Courses only when they consider themselves adequately Prepared for the Imminent Examinations.

The MSA’s emphatic advice regarding all the FRCA Examinations is that trainees should only sit these examinations when they feel that they Deserve to Pass.
It has to be courting Disappointment to enter for an exam Hoping to Pass


Supporting Lifebox…

The MSA also contributes to Lifebox, an international charity concerned with the improvement of Anaesthetic Services in underprivileged parts of the world where the mortality from General Anaesthesia can be unacceptably high due to a lack of suitable equipment or adequately trained personnel. To date this specific donation is approaching £30,000. You can find our recent donations here: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/msa


Supporting AquAid…

We at the Mersey School of Anaesthesia are aware that keeping our Candidates hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout the work day.

As a result, we decided to invest in Watercoolers from AquAid.

Our unique relationship with AquAid has also given our Organisation the opportunity to help those less fortunate than ourselves, because with each purchase an automatic donation is made to the Africa Trust. These funds are used to build ‘Elephant Pumps’ – a modified version of an age old Chinese rope pulley system.

One such pump is currently being installed in Africa on our behalf and it will be a much needed source of clean and fresh drinking water for many.

Our organisation’s name will be proudly displayed on our well and we look forward to adding some photos and letters of thanks from the villagers to our site in the near future.

 To date AquAid have built over 8,000 such Elephant Pumps across parts of Zimbabwe, Malawi and Liberia; and have donated in excess of £13 million to charity.

Our Water Coolers
are from AquAid








MSA Officers,  September 2018