For all Inquiries regarding Courses please email:

Dr David Gray, the MSA Director at:
Mr David Chestnutt, the MSA Secretary/Treasurer at:


In view of;
1. The amount of time spent in Production of Certificates/Receipts in preparation for the Courses
2. The number of requests and subsequently further time spent in re-producing said Certificates due to loss
We have had to introduce an administration fee of £10.00 should your Certificate need to be re-produced after collection at the end Course.
Please file your Certificates away somewhere safe should you need it at any point for whatever purpose.
Thank You & we hope you can appreciate this request



MSA Office
Education & Training Centre
Whiston Hospital
Warrington Road
L35 5DR



Telephoning is not encouraged as:-
* The lines are not always attended.
* Recorded messages are not as distinct as is needed.
* When attended, the lines are very busy.
* If contact is made, much time is spent checking records and exchanging details.
* There is no reliable mechanism for maintaining a record of any conversation.



E-mail is the preferred method of contact and correspondents can usually expect a response within 24 hours.